“You doing too much” What?

Carinda Marie

Did he just open his lips to say “You doing too much”? What? What does that mean? Carinda Marie just wasn’t accustomed to anyone saying bullsh*t like that. It’s like this– O’Ryan and I, were kicking it, talking, chilling, and moving into something more. Right when it was time to become my boyfriend I think he caught cold feet; it wasn’t like I was trying to marry the man, but I understood. Anybody in a long-term relationship would have cold feet after only couple of weeks dating, but whatever.

I wanted to know what the hell we were doing! I needed some romance in my life and what did I get in return? “You doing too much” hell, I don’t even think I know what that means. What don’t men get about spending time with the person they enjoyed being with? It was simple: I didn’t need you to spend a massive amount on me or buy me some of those sexy Giuseppes I wanted—all I needed was a movie night, some cuddling, and a meal. Was that doing too much?

To say the least… I was bored and one thing I hated about being with someone new was losing interest fast as hell! Here I was following behind him pleading my case about how I’m not bitching and he should respect my feelings and he turns around holding the sink sprayer and this mutha—he sprayed me with freezing cold water.

Black women hate to get their hair wet and as soon as he quit, it was on and popping. We fought all over that kitchen until he pinned me down on the kitchen table and royally gave me the business. How the hell did a fight turn into wet, sexy, rough sex? I don’t know, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

This photo belongs to Nejat Talas

This photo belongs to Nejat Talas

If you’re thinking what does this have to do with all you single gals in Atlanta… the answer is simple; turn a bad, boring, disgusting night into a night of great sex with a guy who you really like that can get under your skin and fix the problem. DUH. No, but seriously stop “doing too much” and enjoy the person you’re with. As for me, I’m enjoying my little ATL journey. Nothing like dating in the city… This is Carinda Marie living in Atlanta.  Let me know what you REALLY feel…


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