Pardon My Audacity Movement


Pardon My Audacity has started working toward the PMA movement. As long I have had a vision and purpose for what I wanted to do with my blog, my writing, and my life it had been to help others. Helping others really love themselves and be the best them that they could be. With the PMA Movement, it will bring together women together to help get fitness educated, boosts confidence, and really bring positivity throughout the readers and supporters of Pardon My Audacity.

Fitness has become a very important of my life and I’ve learned that a lot of women haven’t learned the proper fitness education and we as women need all the fitness information that we don’t have. I’m no expert but as a group of women pursuing healthy lifestyles we are going to get through everything together.

Along with poor health comes low confidence–this is unacceptable for all women especially all of my PMA divas. We need to move together toward a more confident group of women that are living life to the fullest. I’m not by any means saying things will get better with more confidence, but darn it it’s time to be a different breed of women.

But though I’ve mentioned fitness education and confidence building I want this movement to be much more. I want women to bond and really get to know who they are and if they already know let’s help other women figure it out.


If you want to join the movement, email me your name, number, and email to


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