PMA presents HeavyTalkers Weight Loss Social Event

photo (1)Pardon My Audacity presents Heavy Talkers Weight Loss Social for ALL that are in love with fitness and is celebrating weight loss. If it’s one pound to 300 pound come out June 29th, 2013 at 3PM at Studio630.

As you all know, Pardon My Audacity has started a movement to educate people on fitness, build confidence, and explore complete happiness in people’s own skin. PMA has teamed up with HeavyTalkers to bring people together to celebrate how much they lost and their journey to begin practicing healthier habits.

The event will be amazing with vendors, live performances from Dave Tolliver and Bryson BMoney, and like individuals who are on fire for fitness. PMA encourages you ALL to become Fit&Fabulous with PMA and HeavyTalkers.

I’ve been on my journey about a year now here are some of motivational pictures of my journey:

photo (2)photo (3)

photo (4)Let’s turn up with this HeavyTalkers Weight Loss Social Event!!! Let’s step up and meet new people on the same journey. It will be June 29, 2013 at Studio 630 (630 Travis Street Atlanta, Ga)! Whether you are a WLS patient, avid weight loser, trainer, or just interested in learning more tips from people losing every day PLEASE COME OUT!


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