Case of the Ex

Carinda Marie

Case of the Ex

Everybody has had that one ex that makes their legs buckle at just the thought of them. Yes, i know you know that one ex who calls and checks up on you giving you butterflies. Yes, I know you know that ex who wasn’t a bad person just bad timing.

I had just left Little Five Points from a day of thrifting and accessorizing and I must admit I didn’t want to go home. I went through my iPhone that serves as my little black book and found Antonio. Ahh yes, a fine black man that just always kept my attention.

He was bored, I was bored so I allowed him to pick me up for an all American Atl night! Great exes are like a Zane novel– you could read it over and over and still love it! Great exes are knowledgeable of your personality & so they are easily loved!

Ladies, are women so desperate to be in the midst of a guy even an ex? Are we sitting around making moves just to be wined and dined on a boron evening? Uh, I’m a firm believer in gettin’ up and out living life to the fullest. Men can’t make all the rules can they? I think not.

Just heavy kissing, conversation, and nothing about reuniting… My kind of night!! Real women don’t kiss and tell so i’ll leave you all with this kiss:lips

Atlanta is a girl’s best friend!


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