Letter to self


Dear self,

Be sure to stand strong in the midst of your life. You will not always be right, but realize you have to still stand after you were wrong. Do not live with regret but with courage. Continue on even when you hurt someone you love. You were not designed to be perfect.

You were designed to be great and all great people are sinners. The difference between good people and bad is that–the good repent. Make sure you repent.

Decide who you are trying to please– God or your peers? Decide who you are trying to please– you or the world. Be aware that you may end in a selfish way and may lose a great soul. But as long as you attempt to change and apologize… Please don’t sweat the lack of love in return because if God wants to help mend it;he will.

Be sure to be your own boss and create your own income. Help another person out and lead in your community. Have fun. Lose friends who can’t hack it and gain friends worth it.

Cry when you have to and tell someone to “fuck off” when you’re inebriated. What I’m saying self, just live a full life and remember to love, laugh, & live.

Love God, yourself, and your family. Laugh at the happy moments, sad moments, and when there doesn’t seem like there’s room for a laugh. Live your life and forget everyone else’s. Not in the sense of being selfish and only care for you but in the sense of you following your purpose. Figure out your purpose and live…

All I can say is you live and you learn!


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