Carinda Marie does not do Jail!

There he was one day and there he went another–to the jail house that is. We were in the bed snuggling talking about a future and he kind of hurt my feelings. His response to me was, “I’m not looking for a relationship and if I were I’d probably be with the mother of my child.” Whetttt?

As an avid dater, I spend random days and sporadic nights with men of different calibers and dare not judge. It’s the older men who seem full of it and the younger trying to settle (sometimes). But this young whippersnapper with his fingers in my curls had LOST his mind.

As an “advanced” teenager, he would pearl my clit on the days I would sneak away from advance trigonometry. Now I will not claim to be a goody two-shoes, but dammit I didn’t know about orgasms until him. And so I digress… But then he said what he said.

All I’m looking for is a man to commit to me, yet he hit me with those lines. Back to this juicy tidbit, I’m running the track and receive a call from a number I do not know. I answer and it’s him. “Hey boo. I’m locked up.” Then his line hangs up. I’m instantly worried and wait for the next call.

It rings again and we talk for about one minute and a half before the operator chimes in and asks CARINDA MARIE to apply a $15 minimum. Uhhh, no ma’am I will not apply my hard-earned cash for A man that doesn’t want to settle down with me.

To be honest, I don’t do jail. Especially, if they’ve been in jail before meeting me. I can’t be anyone’s pity party pretty girl wasting all this amazingness. It’s just for me and I don’t suggest any of you do it either. Be supportive, not a supplier.

Long story short… He spent those 30 days with his baby mothers support. While I lived my life on the “outside.”


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