Get it together!


You have a million things going on. Your mind is racing and there are hundreds of thoughts running through your mind at any given moment.  You want to make the best decision for yourself but you’re not sure where to start. You can’t fully focus on one subject without thoughts of another crowding your mind. You are distracted. You are overwhelmed. You are not at your best and everyone else notices it. It’s starting to show up around you. Your car, office, and home are dirty. You are eating as if you constantly have the munchies. There is dis-ease all around you, and you feel like you are at your wit’s ends.

Take a moment and get yourself together.

Until you get your mind right, everything around you will be a mess. Clutter will show up in your world because your mind is full of it. Don’t do this to yourself, your business, and your life. We all have the moments when life throws us a super curve ball and we are forced into a place we are not comfortable with. Think about it like this–what was the last “bad decision” you made? Were you in a good place when you agreed to it?

Disconnect yourself, plug yourself in and bring it all together.

Don’t let it all overtake you. This is your life and no matter what is happening you deserve to be living the best of it.  Yes, life will get us down and the unexpected will occur. But don’t let it overtake you. It’s okay to put things on hold and it’s absolutely well to do what’s best for you. Everything isn’t urgent and all things aren’t necessary at the same time. Remember the decisions you make are a direct reflection of exactly who you are. So don’t rush and don’t give it your second best. Be the best you so you can live your best life. I’ve got my life, now go get yours!


Janay is a blogger and speaker who lives in the Atlanta area. Please feel free to visit her personal blog at


6 thoughts on “Get it together!

  1. Amazing post. I recently did an article about how our minds are like computers and sometimes we need to refresh them. It is always best to clear our heads before doing something. If we can’t, we should’t do it because we won’t be able to put our best effort into it.

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  3. This is so great I had to share it. I myself find that when my mind gets cluttered things around me do seem to get out of control so I stop and take the time to clean and as I do it helps to clear my mind. (Funny) Cleaning is like some sort of meditation for me.

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