Editor’s Rant


Editor’s Rant

I’m tired of women being overly emotional creatures. Everything that happens shouldn’t be a tear. Now I’m one to talk because lately with all of life’s issues I find myself in tears a lot. Wait… This isn’t true at all.

Maybe I’m more tired of women always being criticized for being overly emotional. That’s it– I’m over people always saying it’s wrong. It’s not wrong: Crying cleanses the soul and when you let it out it’s easier to let go of the situation! Who the hell said crying made you super weak? Who said holding in your pain makes you strong? Personally, it makes you H U M A N.

Sometimes there is no other response but to let the pain go with a good cry and a good prayer. I think most women cry and people say something altering the woman’s emotions, making the woman turn to stone trying to be strong. Strength is continuing to go after you know you want to quit after the pain.

If you are walking around holding an elephant on your chest, PUHLEASE let the tears go. It can definitely be a cleanser for your life. It can definitely change your situation. Not literally, but it will open your heart to figuring out true happiness and what the next step is to recovering.

You never want to be in a room full of people and feel unhappy. Reach down within your sorrows and cry those Mf-ers out! I need you people who talk shit about criers to suck a big one and allow them to cope with their issues their way. Who the hell are you to say anything?

I thought so… Nobody.

Good day,

Jasmine Jackson


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