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A Fab Life On A Budget

As we are in full graduation season, this week is for all of my college students and fashionistas on a budget. As we all go though transitions in life, sometimes we have to find frugal and creative ways to keep up with and recreate fashion trends.

Fashion is something that you can really personalize and make your own. That is what makes it so fun and keeps it so evolutionary–it’s subjective. It’s very rare that two people have the exact same style and very common that style choices overlap due to what is “IN THIS SEASON.”

Tip Number 1

Always search makeup sites that offer samples. This is the best way to try new colors and trends without blowing the bank on a product that you may not like. There are many sites that purchase in bulk and sell them at sample prices. Also look for more inexpensive brands that can yield an almost identical result. You can figure this out by looking at consumer reviews. Using sample sites allows you to stretch your money in every direction, while still getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Tip Number 2

Find a local or online thrift store that you love. Thrift and second-chance stores are THE best places to find one of a kind items that you can either wear as-is, or do minor alterations to. Thrift stores allow you to really try new pieces and alter your everyday style to include statement and character pieces. Thrifting is also great for those of you who are in a weight loss transition and need a few good pieces to get you through that plateau.

Tip Number 3

Work with what you have. When you spend your money on quality clothing it really pays off. Quality pieces withstand a lot more wear and tear and can easily be paired with other things to bring life to an entirely new outfit. By altering your quality pieces that may be out of date, you can create an entirely new sector of fashion right from your own closet.

Until Next Week,

Colargee Artistry C.E.O.


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