Who is your God?


Disclaimer: Who is your God? is an article that includes religious views. If parties aren’t comfortable with the material please discontinue reading this article. Pardon My Audacity does not to intend to offend anyone’s religious beliefs. 

Bow down B*%ch?

Bow down B*%ch?

I am amazed at what I’ve noticed lately.  I am irritated by what I see with some grown-ups and I’m speaking of people who are well into their 30’s. Basically, people who should know better. More and more I’m noticing the idolization and worship of celebrities.I am aware that some of us of didn’t grow up in church and some of us don’t have relationships with God or a higher power.

I totally get the notion of giving someone props and recognition. I also understand what it is like to be in admiration and have an appreciation of a person’s artistry and work. But I am so disgusted  by people making gods out of humans:

Our Lord and Savior Beyoncé

Lady Gada

Beysus Christ—- seriously?!?



Is this life? In real life? I have seen and heard of people such as Kim Kardashian and Shonda Rhimes referred to as gods.


The celebrity culture is out of hand and is a sure example of the sick sad world we live in. These people are not perfect; they are just as flawed and dysfunctional as many of us. A celebrity’s publicist and specially trained glam squad will never benefit YOUR ass.

Really? Sorry, "Yeezus" fans

Really? Sorry, “Yeezus” fans

I don’t care how good they look, sing, dance, write or act; they can only offer you entertainment.  I don’t care how many special nicknames they give you, they can’t gift you love, peace and salvation. Most of us humans, can’t even deliver ourselves.

It’s so disrespectful and I feel very sad for those who engage in the behavior. You may not believe in the same higher power as I do, but believing that a human is one, is out of the question. And having two Gods is just as insane as having a human one.

I believe that most of our spiritual paths lead to the same higher power. I believe that there is a whole world of love and peace available to us all. It requires some work, time and effort. It’s out of this world, and no human will take you there.  I’ve got my life, now go get yours!

janay1 Janay is a blogger and speaker who lives in the Atlanta area. Please feel free to visit her personal blog at Msjanay.com


One thought on “Who is your God?

  1. The idolization of public figures is very disturbing. These people don’t care a rats ass about the public, it’s all about the mighty green, but of course their fans don’t see it that way….. silly fools!

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