K. Michelle’s new song “V.S.O.P” review

kmichelle-vsop Star of the new VH1 show, “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta’s K.Michelle has a new song out! The song is called “V.S.O.P” and at first listen it easily sounds like this summer’s next jam! That is until she begins to sing. I am a fan of K. Michelle, so I was disappointed with this new single. My main issues seemed to be that she was sort of yelling the whole song and it was hard to follow along with exactly what she was saying. So me, being the lover of music and lyrics that I am, decided to look up the lyrics.

Even after reading and following along with the lyrics, I was still confused with exactly what she was talking about in the song. Is she talking about taking someone else’s man? Or was she just explaining how her not so orthodox relationship is with her significant other? I was also confused about why she named her song “V.S.O.P” being that it stands for Very Special Old Pale. She does repeat “Very Special” in the chorus but that’s about it. Maybe she should have just named it “V.S,” but that wouldn’t be as catchy now would it?

All that aside, the beat is great and I can easily see myself hanging out at a family barbecue or summer party dancing to it. Its an upbeat tune and I’m more than positive it’s going to be playing on the radio nonstop this summer.

You check it out and tell me what you think? 

raylina Raylina Robinson is a 25-year-old aspiring poet, author, and songwriter.  Graduating as a Certified Medical Assistant, she is always looking for ways to help others, be it through her work or writing. She has one daughter and resides in the Bay Area of California.


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