Carinda Marie presents Jaecyn

Carinda Marie

Jaecyn is a special kind of woman. Everything about her is dipped in gold with her pinky held high, if you know what I mean. This bitch is well to do, but she is also as loyal as they come. It didn’t take too long to become the best of friends especially being that we enjoyed the same things. My chocolate drop, as I call, her stands tall and slim at 5 feet 8, 6 feet with heels demanding attention. Her hair is natural textured in wild fuchsia and black curls. Everything that she wears accentuates her perfectly and us together in any Atlanta event always turned into grand fun. Jaecyn is in the top 10 percentage in her class, heads study groups answering many of the questions, and constantly stays on her grind financially. If I was a nigga, I’d bag her immediately, but that’s based off of female emotions and shit right? Any who, my best friend is a fucking catch. Out of all of my girls, Jaecyn had a good bit of men she “dated” while waiting on meeting the right guy. Sounds crazy? No, Jaecyn made sure the people she dealt with were on her level, but every now and then she would slip like this time.

JaecynUnforgiving Fucking

Jaecyn exited her biochem class frustrated that she received a B on her test instead of that much desired A. It was the beginning of summer semester and she wore a red flowing skirt with a white tank and brown belt with Ruby Woo Mac lipstick. Her hair was in a bun today and her large brown designer bag held her pens, makeup, and her class folder. She had been texting me until I was released from class so we sat in the courtyard and joked about life. There was no breeze, but heat beating down on us and we chatted it up until a gang of basketball players started walking by.

“Carinda, what’s up?” Shaa called out to me. I spoke and noticed he was signaling me to introduce him to my friend. He was pretty sexy, tall and brown, had light brown eyes, and a sparkling smile. His muscles were evident and I caught a glimpse of Jaecyn’s face and she wanted him.

“Jaecyn, this is my friend Shaa. Shaa this is my best friend Jaecyn.” The pair shook hands as they stood face to face as I started making introductions. That was the last time I had down time with my best friend because Shaa and her begin sticking to each other like it was nobody’s business. I stayed having frequent visits from him. One day as I was in the grocery store I literally ran into her while sending out a text message.

“Carinda! Hey baby I haven’t seen you in a minute. What’s up?” Jaecyn hugged me.

“I’ve been going to class and trying to work. You know me, what about you?” I responded.

“Literally booed up with Shaa.”

“I see. Well, don’t forget to come around.” We continued to talk and decided to meet up for lunch.

* * *

Shaa had many women running after him and though he really liked Jaecyn he would still be in constant communication with his admirers and Jaecyn didn’t know if she could handle the pressure. I sat in the diner ducked off in a corner when I saw Shaa enter with another girl. She was shorter than Jaecyn, lighter than Jaecyn, but was with Jaecyn’s man. The couple sat in a booth together, ate together and laughed together. I watched and took photos with the zoom button all the way zoomed in and sent them to Jaecyn. She didn’t respond to anything I sent. As I paid my bill, Jaecyn walked through the front door. She was in a black mini dress, her hair was out and resting on her shoulders, and she sat down at the table with her man and his side chick. I moved quickly to another seat and listened from my table.

“What’s up you guys? How’s the date going?” Jaecyn asked calmly taking a sip of Shaa’s sweet tea.

“It’s going great. Can I ask who you are?” the girl responded. Shaa dropped his head as Jaecyn smiled and explained to the girl who she was. She made a scene, slapping the taste out of his mouth and Jaecyn stood up before throwing his tea on his clothes. If you caught your man out with another woman what would you do? Leave his cheating ass right? That’s what common sense tells you what to do right?

Jaecyn ignored Shaa for two weeks before allowing him to come and discuss where their problem lied. The two ended up having makeup sex and stayed together. My best friend was a catch but she was stuck in LaLa Land when it came to great dick game and emotions. She was dickmatized with men with great sex and whenever Jaecyn was dickmatized, all the girls knew we’d be fighting sooner than later. Jaecyn wasn’t easily dickmatized but when she was…she was. The two reconciled easy and fast as he sprawled her on the kitchen floor and ate her pussy on his knees as she propped her leg up on her cabinet.


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