Girl Code: Should my best friend have my man’s number?


Girl Code: Should my best friend have my man’s number? 

This is a really hard question to examine. The bottom line is this isn’t a post that should be sugarcoated with sprinkles and sh*t! Giving out your man’s number to your friend is not a good idea because you don’t want that friend, regardless of the bullsh*t excuse you have, to be using the number frequently without permission. Let’s be adults about the situation. If the situation calls for your friend or man to call the other person in hopes to help resolve the issue—fine. But do not let these two randomly text and talk to one another without reason UNLESS they were previously friends before you two became an item.

There are but a few reasons for women to share contact information:

An accident

An emergency

Family members

College class together

I’m not saying you can’t trust your friend or your man, but I am saying you cannot trust that a friendly conversation won’t spawn into a much bigger thing. It has happened to me with my best friend and an ex. I went through her phone like always and saw his number pop up more than I was supposed to see. I asked her about it and she gave me a little skimp statement and I just knew. I knew that all the times I had used her phone, texted him from it, or whatever, they had contact and I felt like they were messing around behind my back. I never got real proof but when I felt it I knew it. I ended it after confirming other awful lifestyle issues and me and her are still friends today, but I bet you her ass don’t have my man’s number now. That was too close of a call and too close to home. It is not about only getting her but constantly feeling betrayed and trying to play detective. Pardon My Audacity’s Girl Code number 1: Do not give your friends’ or man’s number out to either of them. This is real talk. I know we don’t like to accept the truth, but babeeeyyyyy do not be the only woman left out of the loop.


2 thoughts on “Girl Code: Should my best friend have my man’s number?

  1. I agree that you should not lead the horse to the water; however, at the end if a man is going to cheat with your bff there is nothing you can do to really stop it. As a person whose bff did sleep with her man (and I didnt give her his number) I believe if it is meant to be it will be because there is nothing I can do to stop my man from cheating if that is something he has his mind made up to do.

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