Is there really love at first sight?


This new contribution for Pardon My Audacity was offered to add a male point-of-view to the relationship and lifestyle section of the blog. It will be HONEST and MAY offend people without an open mind.

DB Derry Browning, CEO of 3MG

Twitter: @BigHustle973

Instagram: @3MGMusicGroup

What’s up everyone? I have to speak on this concept of love at first sight. Is it a myth or can this be real? For some reason, I just can’t see it being true. Falling for someone after you’re captivated by a persons looks not knowing a thing about their personality can’t be love. I can only see it as being lustful. Don’t get it twisted,we all lust no matter what we say. It might not be sexual. It could be something so much more . Love is about trust, honesty, and respect.


How can I respect you and I don’t even know you? Not even a little bit. Men we have got to stop with these lines and crushing these women after we get what we want out the deal. Women, you have got to do better . If he can’t tell you what he loves about you then there is no love. I mean really think about it. He might have saw you from behind and then saw your face. Is it still love? Now I gotta go because shhh just got real… I just personally believe you have to know a person to have love at first sight.

4 thoughts on “Is there really love at first sight?

  1. I think there is a such thing as love at first sight. Sense love is an emotion or a feeling, even the look of someone can evoke these feelings. I do not believe that looks along can sustain these feelings, but cause them? Yes.

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