Are you testing the waters?

image (22)Atlanta, every now and again, the universe presents you a soul that intrigues the heck out of you and then you are left to think out your next move. It’s either test the waters with a new person or continue trying to date the same type over again. What are you going to do? Insanity is doing the same thing hoping for a different ending, but it takes a split second to make a change.

Changing what you are used to is hard like many things, but I always say look at it this way: either wallow in self-pity over a bad relationship or make a change. Stop going for the same type of person! If you are a person that goes for a person that’s not family-oriented, switch it up to a person that values family. If you go after the guys or gals rough around the edges start going for the guys or gals that seemingly have their stuff together.

Testing the waters allows for an individual to date different varieties of people. It allows for men and women to establish where they’re relational tastes advanced to. As people we mature and as this happens so does our wants and needs therefore it’s a natural response to test the waters for something more mature and right for you.

It’s easy to continue doing the same thing, but much more valiant for a person to change the issues that looks them in the face. I just want to know what’s the point of going through life with a negative attitude towards relationship when you are the factor that can settle or change?

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