The Courage to Believe with Kevin Dorival

Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 7.45.00 PM The Courage to Believe with Kevin Dorival

Pardon My Audacity had a chance to meet up with Author Kevin Dorival to pick his brain on the state of the African American community and how he decided to stand up and make a change for the black male. Dorival presents the world with a testimony of how God saved him just in time for him to turn his life around and speak up to the African American youths.

Jas: Tell the readers a little about you and your philosophy on life as it’s progressing.

KD: I love to enjoy the simple things in life. I surround myself with positive people, positive places, and thoughts. My 9-5 is an Internet Marketing Consultant building and managing social media accounts for plastic surgeons, authors, and attorneys. Also improving their website traffic as an SEO expert, which has been my career for the past six years. I am a mentor and spokesperson for the Urban League of Fort Lauderdale’s Juvenile Diversion program. On the weekends I spend time with my family and training my nephews in reading, life, and football.

Jas: For those who haven’t had the chance to get in contact with your book please give a small synopsis of, “The Courage to Believe.”

KD: The Courage To Believe tells a gripping story of how God helped me overcome many adversities in my life. There were times that I did not think that I was going to make it off the streets or out the jail system. The pressures of life can cause an immense amount of stress that can literally destroy your dreams. I had to force myself to believe that I would achieve success in my life despite growing up without a farther, a criminal record, and the evil that surrounded me. I refused to give up. The subtitle of my book says, “Never Give UP Keep Moving Forward.” It’s also my motto in life. Brace yourself because some parts of this book may seem cathartic.

Jas: You wrote the book, “The Courage to Believe” to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and go after what they want. What life event moved you to the point of writing this work?

KD: When I graduated from college was the most trying time of my life. When you finish your schooling you’re graduating to another level in life. I was ducking the police in a serious investigation, trying to clear my name at the same time. People were trying to kill me for ridiculous reasons. This was too much drama at the same time. I almost lost it mentally but thank God for my family prayers. I knew that in life I had to become a preeminent member in the community – a leader. It was paramount for me to give a tangible example of success for others to look up to. My story had to be written so that my family could know that anything is possible. There is so much more that I want to accomplish and will do in the future! Anything is possible if you can find The Courage To Believe in your God giving talents,

Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 7.45.00 PMSpeaking-Color

Jas: In my opinion, there aren’t many African American males standing up and taking back the communities, what inspired you to be one of the African American males to take a stand?

KD: Growing up I was in a single parent home with my mom. No farther around or male role model to look up too. I knew that it would be a blessing to do that for people in my community. I was raised to know that greatest is he that serves and with this attitude towards helping others is what help me succeed in life. (But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. Matthew 23:11, KJ Bible) It is unfortunate that there aren’t many black men taking the time to give back to the community; they rather blather about how successful or how good of a black man they are.

Jas: A lot of the African American community has a “ghetto struck” mentality meaning if they are from the ghetto they don’t see any opportunities to get out, what would you tell someone stuck with that negative mentality?

KD: Be spontaneous and try something different. Get out of the negative environment that often surrounds the ghetto and visit a museum, a library, church or nice suburban neighborhood. I was blessed at an early age with people that took my siblings and me to zoos and Indian reservations. Both of which are nowhere near the hoods. Surround yourselves with as much positivity as possible. My advice is to be around positive places, people, and things.


Jas: Please explain how your book, “The Courage to Believe,” can encourage those same “ghetto struck” individuals.

KD: My book is everywhere. It can be purchased on (eBook or paper), (, or from my website, iTunes has me waiting on trial, so we are currently being patient to hear the verdict. It could be on iTunes as we speak, check and see.

Jas: What’s next for you and your purpose in this world?

KD: I want to do everything that God graced me to do with my life. I just want to go hard for mine. For starters I’ll be The Courage To Believe into a movie in 2015. I’ll also be dipping my talents into some acting in a couple indie movies. I’m working on my next two books, simultaneously. One of them will be presented to Disney World at some point. I am looking forward to a successful fundraiser so that I can visit Ghana, West Africa in the spring of 2014 in order to conduct research for the book (more information or how you can help is available on my website “Sponsor Page”).

It’s a fantasy story with a twist that every parent will love. The other book is going to be a SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/ Internet Marketing book for small business owners. I would love to write a Sci-Fi story and this year was the first time I started to read anything in that genre.

Jas: Let the readers where they can find you and get in contact with you.

KD: I love to interact with my fans and supporters on the Internet. I’m literally on about 50 social media sites. I have a social media page on my website that has all of them listed.Check me out on the main three Twitter (@Courage2Believe), Google +, and/or Facebook. I can be emailed at or from the contact page on my website, www.CourageToBelieveBookcom.


One thought on “The Courage to Believe with Kevin Dorival

  1. Nice to see a man standing up and being a man for his community. I am very proud of my classmate. Stay Blessed Kevin

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