Living in the world of F*%! to give

This is the latest edition of: Lifted Thoughts

shacking-upSometimes in life there will come something or someone who will completely overtake, shape, conform and transform your absolute thinking process readily blowing your mind. This something or someone will shift anything you have started and help you question, where exactly should I be heading next? It will literally approach as if you were nothing at all, but be immersed with who you are as a person and they will literally shower out feelings, intellectual thoughts and conversations awakening the senses. It shall become a personal drug that you will not want to break and that will bring you joy.

Literally, a more elegant brand of heroin that’s specifically made for you.  It’s just as fast as you felt that feeling that everyone feels when it’s supposed to happen. Like destiny has been presented to utterly annihilate what’s going on in the real world serendipitously; the world where you are supposed keep up a facade, love who is presented, stay in a safe lane, and ponder on what life will bring if you suddenly the alter the quintessential part of you… Are you seriously living in a world of fucks to give? Why is it that we hurt other people and still hurt ourselves? Why is it that something could even creep up and take control of the one thing you need to control? Isn’t it quite possible to decide what and who to truly care for?

This ramble is to try to help you escape from what are “socially normal” things. To step out on what you want and claim a castle that’s being offered. To say apologies to the hearts you are going to break. To absolutely start a life without unnecessary titles that shape and control the very institutions you enjoy being in. It’s to love a man and accept his children, situations, and live. It’s to be constantly gazed upon and feeling absolutely radiant in the skin that you are in. It’s the times where you lay beside the person and look over at who you think you love. It’s the times where the support was so strong you wanted only one person or thing, It’s to save your heart from disaster and lead you to come in contact with who you truly are.

Often we are stuck in ‘I give a fuck” mode and we miss out on life… what is life offering us? Where would we end up? How would we live there? Are you happy?

Random lifted thoughts… love, peace, and poetry y’all…


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