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No to Falsies!

As we see acrylics slowly fade out and natural nails slowly fade in, we see a rise in creativity towards natural nail growth and design. I have been without acrylics for six years now, and though it is often tempting to put them back on the benefits of natural nails and nail care dissuade me. The same goes for strip eyelashes. Though they easily and quickly enhance the appearance of ones lashes, they often appear artificial. A few alternatives that people are now experimenting with are individual, group, and lash extensions. These offer equal length options with a more natural and long-lasting appeal.

I have been experimenting with all of the above some cosmetic brands are now making lash growth serums that you can purchase pretty inexpensively over the counter. I’ve been using L’Oreal Paris’s Lash Boosting Serum nightly for about the last two and a half months and I see a big difference.

Before and After:





I have also been trying a new home remedy for lengthening my brows and it it working amazingly as you can also see in the previous picture.

 For your nightly brow cream:

Mash one slice of cucumber and half a slice of avocado

1 tsp of olive oil

1tsp of dry mustard

½ tsp of deep conditioner

Apply with gauze and secure with saran wrap overnight. Remove with regular face wash routine.

My absolute favorite place for nail art ideas is Pinterest. Not only will this site give you innumerable ideas on nail care, but it also gives advice on everything from polish brands to designs and color choices. Since I change my nail polish on average every 3-4 days this helps me refresh my ideas.


My favorite nail polish brands are Essie, OPI, Zoya, China Glaze, and Color Club, and Orly. Recently I have been trying some new green nail polish brands. Zoya, Piggy Paint, Scotch, and Aquarella are my favorite. They are better for the body because not only are they produced with green materials, but they are non-toxic to the body.








Remember Nail Polish Is for any and everyone. Its FUN so experiment create3 and design. Find the perfect palette, color tone, and design just for you!!

Until Next Week,

CoLargee Artistry CEO.




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