Believe It!


<a href="http://uniqueluxury”>photoWhy is it that we have the hardest time believing people? Why is it that when someone shows us who they are, we don’t believe them? We second guess, make excuses, or deny a person is who they truly are. I understand we want to believe the good in people. We tell ourselves that our loved one would never commit that same offense against us. But when will we love ourselves enough to keep ourselves safe from people who are no good for us? What I can tell you is that, people don’t reserve behaviors. How they are is just how they are. There is no way around it and there shouldn’t be an excuse for it either. No matter how you decorate it, or how many times you wrap in a bow it, kaka will always be kaka.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself thinking you can change someone. Your love, your nice attitude, gifts, your sex will never change who a person is. You can continue to try but you will always walk away defeated. You can’t change anyone.

But you can protect yourself. You can create and maintain boundaries. Sometimes we are just stuck with people. Family friends co-workers, co-parents…those relationships can be reconstructed and re-prioritized. Someone who does you harm doesn’t deserve full access to you. Love yourself more than you love any other person.

Michele was walking home from work and she notices a snake that was ran over by a car. She picks him up, takes him home, feeds him and gets him back to a full state of health. But then the snake,bites her, injecting her with his deadly venom. As Michele was dying, she asked “After all I did for you, why did you bite me?” The snake replied. “You knew I was a snake when you me up.”


janay1Janay is a blogger and speaker who lives in the Atlanta area. Please feel free to visit her personal blog at


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