My Island Lover


It was the fact that he had a brilliant mind that had me. Yet he kept me for the simple things; the extrapolating of facts over beautiful melodies of classical or jazz. It had to be the way he smelled my face because he’d say…”we have pheromones in our faces… I have a theory that if you smell a woman there …you can tell how sweet she tastes…”

He’d say “you are a gorgeous bastard” and I’d reply “thank you” when it really could’ve been you welcome. He stated that he wanted my mind and we would mindfuck until our intellect turned into passion.

He was my island love… I had never visited his island but I was willing to believe it bred a man who was capable of great things with the right woman. He wasn’t equipped to carry a basket with the big L word in it without caution. I followed small societal stigmas and he was solely against them.

I had expectations to explore his nations and conquer this island of a man. He filled my days with happiness… He said that’s all that mattered. Life is so full of stressors it is only right to release those stressors. We would blow trees, explore subjects no other persons explored and enjoyed our laughs.

I wanted this man to love me; to see about the woman was so different than the rest. Carinda Marie wanted the castle, the moat, Max,& the happiness of a possible future. Carinda Marie wanted the sex, the drugs, the ugly,and was afraid! But I was never afraid to express it… That man, that man, that man he ran through my mind until I was exhausted.



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