Do NOT be the crazy Ex-GF!

photo (54)Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to get the message across that breaking up is ending a relationship; completely ending it. Ending a relationship can be difficult because of the emotional pain, connection, and friendship but if someone doesn’t want to be with you– leave them alone. Do NOT and I mean do NOT become a crazy ex-girlfriend that everybody would rather not be around! I know someone has experienced that new puppy love phase only to be chased away from the crazy ex-pitbull (GF)?

The reason why communicating is important especially during a breakup is so all parties will have a clear understanding of the reasons the severance is relevant. Not having pertinent facts can lead others on and then a heartbroken woman can stray to crazy ex-girlfriend. I cannot credit men for driving their foolish women crazy, but I do fault them if the men aren’t properly educating the women on what’s next after the break.

exIf you are dealing with a crazy ex-girlfriend, be firm and honest. Keep a healthy distance between the ex and yourself. Don’t sell a dream meaning do not give anyone false hopes. It makes everyone a little wacky when they feel like the relationship will work and then someone pulls the rug from them after selling the dream. If it ever gets out of line, notify the proper authorities to ensure safety.

If you are the crazy ex, I suggest you think before you act. Stop allowing people to dictate your actions to the point where you can’t fight that crazy itch you get when extremely hurt. I would strongly ask you to attend counseling to better understand the reason for the severance and ways to cope. It’s better to walk away than to be behind bars for nonsense and it’s better to walk away with dignity than in shame.


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