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As mother nature is trying to catch up on the rain we missed for the April and May flowers across the nation, I know that I can not be the only ons struggling with this 60%+ humidity that is frying my hair.

As the heat and humidity crank up in the southern United States, I have been experimenting with different hair and skin remedies to combat the humidity from dehydrating my skin and hair.

I normally am a wash and go-er with my natural hair. I usually co-wash , condition and de-tangle, then rinse lightly, leaving a residual amount of conditioner in my hair to aid in moisture retention. Though this usually works for me the humidity has been preventing my hair from retaining as much moisture as possible which has been causing frizz.


Remedy One

Co-Wash Hair

Condition & De-tangle

Light Rinse leaving residual conditioner

Add coconut and sunflower oil to hair

Twist hair into flat twists or small individual braids

Jane Carter Nourish and Shine on my edges

Adding the coconut and sunflower oil have given my natural hair Shine, while still supplying enough moisture to the tresses in order to keep a healthy frizz free curl pattern. I use a lot of Jane Carter products, which can be found at Target or online. They supply my hair with shine, nutrients, and moisture. Adding the individual or flat twists is optional, but allowing your hair to dry in that state does help the style and pattern to hold longer.

I have linked some of my favorite videos below for you to use as guides for your own personal natural hair journey. Remember, make it your own; different things work for different people!!




If you have any questions at all or want more advice feel free to email me directly! My email is above.

Le Fashionista Forward Chao!


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