Vanilla Miami


It was a much needed trip to Miami and a much needed time to clear my mind. My girls and I were preparing to take it over. We planned to drink, eat, and be merry. I was three drinks in and swaying to the sounds coming from the tourists blasting music.

Colin walked up to me with a Corona and smile. Tall, good smelling, and yes, my Miami dream was very much vanilla. He had a certain something and I wanted to figure out another race.

My field dressed for bed and I lay waiting until Colin to text message me for my escape. I slipped my nighty off and slipped on a short black dress. He greeted me with his hand and we intertwined looking like the perfect blend.

“When are you leaving?” I questioned Colin.
“Tomorrow.” He was leaving in a matter of hours.
“Aw man.” I replied putting my head down. He lifted my chin and smiled, “Well we better seize the moment.” We dashed across the street and entered the dark beach.

We found a spot lit by moon light and a streetlight. He placed his arms around my waist and he kissed me. My stomach fluttered and we sat talked and made interracial love. Sap much? Of course, but I found out that not all white boys are of the choked chicken kind.

After we worked up a sweat we ate breakfast as the sun began to come up. I snuck back to the room extremely tired and still got up three hours later. Whew! I was busy, but it was worth it.


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