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Blow Dry and Beauty Bars

A hot new trend we are seeing pop up all over the United States is the blow out bar and a few beauty bars as well. Blow out bars are essentially hairdressers that offer quick and chemical free salon services; This means no color, no relaxers, and very often no cuts. Women all over the country have made resounding requests to get in and out of the salon much quicker and with this the birth of the blow dry bar is blossoming We also see salons and day spa’s offering more services. This weeks article is going to feature some of Atlanta’s top blow dry bars, many of which are chains so check cities near you as well!


DryBar is one of the most sought after dry bars as well as one of the largest chains. With more than 30 locations, they are spreading like wild fire across the country. Offering blow outs and a menu of styles at a flat rate instead of the usual charge by length, their services are highly sought after for those quick styles and a in and out service. You are looking at anywhere from $35-$40 for a blow out and $75-$80 for a blow out and updo.


Dream Dry is new to the game. Opened by fashionista Rachel Zoe, it is located in New York City and offers something a little extra–Dry Styles. Dry styles are consistent with über quick styling and quick braid styles such as french of fishtails. With prices ranging from $30-$60 its another great quick fix for a few days for those of us who just haven’t quite mastered the hair trends that are ever changing.



Blo Beauty Bar is one of the few in the game that offer complete beautification services. They offer everything from hair that includes color and cuts if you want, to nails, to brows. With this tweak, they are able to offer a one stop shop for their customers. Their services range from $25-$125 dollars so choose whatever you like and have at it.


CoLo Artistry is pleased to announce that we are in the process of putting together plans to open a new and innovative style of blow dry/beauty bar. There will be more announcements coming soon. Of course we have to do something special for our Pardon My Audacity followers, so be sure to stay tuned in to our posts every week. As plans come together for the beauty bar I will be doing giveaways for free services at our new Beauty home!!! In the meantime share and complete the survey below to be entered for a drawing. Feel free t leave as many comments as you like!!!


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