Think About It

You ever noticed that when you are feeling down, you are reminded of your past defeats?
Think about it? You were having a bad day or just got into an argument. You are agitated and some way, somehow you are left alone to your thoughts. Things may seem all well at first, but then the shift happens.

One moment you are thinking about how you’ve done all you can do, and suddenly thoughts of when you were mislabeled and discriminated against turn up. Or maybe your thoughts are closer to home. You relive the time your parents chose to overlook your accomplishments and you felt unworthy.

Isn’t this all a part of negative self talk? Isn’t the perfect way to grow a fire by adding more fuel to the small flame? If you’re already feeling defeated, why not remind yourself of past defeats? So now instead of you feeling defeated in the moment, I can get you to begin to believe you were always defeated.

Before you know it, you have adapted a defeated lifestyle. Rise above it. You are better than it all. You’re better than any moment that you felt less than. It was only a moment, and it doesn’t define you, no matter what you choose to believe when you’re down. If you want to wallow and have a pity party, fine. Have it. But eventually you need to acquire your big girl panties and deal with the real.

If you have defeated thoughts, you will be just that and you will never have anything more than that. Who in the hell wants that life? Stop kicking yourself. It’s all a choice. So before you choose to have those negative thoughts, choose a positive one instead. And get your life.


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