Carinda Marie and him


I left him. I walked out the door and I didn’t look back. The new love had been written through me without my knowledge. I knew it wasn’t just puppy love; it was falling deep into that beautiful emotion of forever. I always continued her role but I couldn’t help but be drawn to this man.

I found myself turning into a housewife and I knew it was worth it. Jaecyn loved him and everyone else followed suit. She’d say “Boo he is for you.” And when my girls approved, I approved.

The passion he dished was so much for my life. It was thick and overbearing yet light and refreshing. Strange right? It’s like being bombarded with kisses from your three-year-old baby. It’s sweet but a bit much. I wanted him though.

He entered my body, held it tight, and said, “You are my strength, mother,” I loved it. Mother was the epitome of womanhood when he said it; it was the wife, sex goddess, queen, mate, and mother of his child.
“You are my woman,” and I cried. I hadn’t felt this much affection or passion ever.

Never felt hypnotized by one man! But it happened and I decided to hold on. Everyone bowed out and we began.


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