Persuasion Couture

CEO of Persuasion Couture

To all my PMA Beauties, I have a treat for you all! Persuasion Couture has launched its e-commerce site. The accessories on the site are to die for so how would we not let all our beauties know about it? Exactly, we had to. Persuasion Couture is an online retailer that focuses on contemporary fashion and offers an array of amazing fashion pieces.

“All of the accessories speak to those who love chic contemporary pieces, which up the ante to any classic outfit,” said Persuasion Couture CEO Monica Jones.

This online boutique’s goal is to become the leading go-to boutique for contemporary fashion. Searching the site, there are amazing accessory pieces that would accentuate a day look, work look, and a nightlife look which is a plus for all my socialites. Another great thing about Persuasion Couture is that the company is about being positive and as you all know PMA is all about being positive and being a positive influence.

persuasion couture

“I wanted to build a company that stood for something bigger and helps spread positivity. The process of founding and building a company was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life,” Jones said.

Persuasion Couture hopes to bring the struggle of self-acceptance and self-love to the world to learn to love and accept oneself before learning to take on the love of another. It’s absolutely disheartening to find there are gorgeous people who do not know how beautiful they are, but we here at PMA also support PC in spreading the message of love oneself first over loving another first.


“Don’t follow the world, persuade the world to follow you” is Persuasion Couture’s motto.  The company promises to stand by its mission by offering and providing unique products that will make the customer fall in love with fashion as well as uplift the community through workshops and summit for at risk teens. It’s set to hold its first workshop in the fall.


Remember people that it’s always better to support a company with an uplifting cause as well as fieeerrrccceeee products.



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