Carinda Marie has a boyfriend


carinda MarieThe island lover had consumed me for two weeks straight and it felt like home in my heart of hearts. I would wake up to this man and appease his needs as best I could and he would always affirm that I was perfect for him. Everything was a dream, but I had to be honest being in a relationship for me was somewhat difficult and I needed to find my balance.

It sounds really bad to say that, but damnit it’s true. I don’t quite suck at being a girlfriend; I cook, clean, give great oral, was always down for making love, and I didn’t bitch much. However, I am a tad bit passive aggressive in my approach. It’s not what I intend on doing, but he pointed it out to me and now I have to fix it.

I sat in the diner with Jaecyn, Cheyanne, and Lisa discussing the one thing we always talked about—men, love, sex, and money.

“I tell you I’m tired of men ladies.” Lisa spoke while sipping her latte.

“Who are you telling? You know lately I’ve been masturbating after sex and all I think about after the big “o” is what the fuck is he useful for?” I started giggling after listening to Jaecyn.

“Well, I am in love!” I spoke aloud.

“Listen Carinda, you are dickmatized! There’s no one in the history of two months and a couple days that has fallen in love like you have. What has he done to our Carinda?” Cheyanne chimed in.

“I am not dickmatized just merely pleasured in every way in every orfice of my body every time I’m around him.” I bit my toasted onion bagel with heavy plain cream cheese and rolled my eyes in ecstasy.”

“Right.” Jaecyn said before rolling her eyes.

“Isn’t it too early to talk about this? Can’t we talk about something else?”

“I have a new set of clients from the Falcons and I’ll be representing them as their publicist. Go me!” I told them the good news.

“Congrats.” Rang out around the table we sat. We all exchanged more small talk before we were back on our lack of a sex life.

He bit my shoulder and he wanted to love me in that moment. I wasn’t feeling my best and I wanted to just cool off from my day, but he wanted to cuddle. I knew the moment I tried to get some rest he would be in his feelings and I would appease it if it were presented well. That’s what you did when you fell in love right? Try and keep him and yourself happy or is it lean on him and he’ll lean on you and that way you’re both always standing strong? Whatever it was, both of us did not get the memo and were trying to balance out what love was.

Every issue we would sit down and squash it out. It was new and I liked it. It still raised points in my mind if we could work under the conditions. Our sex life made me away of how aggressive he could be yet passionate. Needless to say, I was stuck in a spot that I liked with a new man and it seemed amazing. When the ladies would complain about their men I couldn’t help but listen and just nod. For once I wasn’t agreeing I was smiling and gathering memories to recite to my boo. I was in a good spot… Carinda Marie has a boyfriend chile and I’m loving it.

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