Indie Artists: Devyn Rose


Photo by @vdeovxn

Devyn Rose has been killing the streets with her brand new EP “Want it All.” Pardon My Audacity listened to the EP and we had to have this independent artist on the blog with her insight.

PMA: Tell the readers a little bit about who Devyn Rose is.

DRose: I am a multi-genre musician from NYC of Haitian and French descent. Sak Pase!

PMA: What inspired you to become an artist?

DRose: I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, Deniece Williams, and one of my biggest inspirations Bone Thugs N Harmony.

PMA: What do you want to see your career go from now to the future?

DRose: I plan on being at the top – internationally known on the microphone. I know all it takes is hard work and dedication and I am on my way.

PMA: What motivates you to make the music you make?

DRose: I listen to a lot of different artists so I’m always inspired. As far as songwriting, my past and current situations inspire me to write.


Photo by @vdeovxn

PMA: You released “Want it All”, your Digital EP. Tell the readers what that EP does for you in terms of emotions, completing it, and releasing it.

DRose: With my EP “Want It All,” each song was written based on a true story so when listening back or even coming up with the ideas, it was really emotional, especially for my single “Want It All”. When it came to “(You Gimmie That) “F**k Me High”,” I basically took a risk, I didn’t know what people were going to think or say. Besides the profanity, when you first see the title, you may automatically think I am talking about taking drugs and sleeping with someone, but when people take a listen, they are like, “Ohhh, okay I see where you are going with this,” That record became one of my most talked about and a supported records on the EP, a risk well taken. When it came to completing and releasing the EP, it was hell at first because at the time I was parting ways with management, but once that cloud cleared up, everything was great, and ran smoothly – like that whole EP was all me. I felt free to do what I wanted to do as opposed to someone trying to mold me into what they wanted for me. In addition, I didn’t have to worry about anyone fu**ing me over. Releasing it alone made me realize that dude, right now I don’t need anyone but my fans, supporters, and the critics and their constructive criticism.


Photo by @vdeovxn

PMA: What’s your favorite song on the EP?

DRose: I love them all but my fave is definitely “(You Gimmie That) F**k Me High”.

PMA: How would you describe your brand?

DRose: Eccentric, edgy, bold, and fun.

PMA: In a sea full of artist, what makes you stand out?

DRose: I’m a vegan…lol, nah. I am a multi-genre musician who can play instruments, dances jazz, and song writes. I am not any specific genre’s princess, I do it all, so you never know what to expect from me!

PMA: Where can fans and readers contact you?


DRose: For up to date info, please visit:

Here’s one of the songs from the EP:


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