Money Slaves

Janayimage (23)Money has always been a very taboo and testy subject for so many of us. If your parents actually educated you about good money decisions, consider yourself lucky. Most of us learned about money by what we saw, not by what we were told. It’s very sad considering money is something that we NEED and use daily. But unfortunately so many of us mishandle money and we have a great deal of stress.

Growing up it seemed like everyone around me was living paycheck to paycheck. Think about it, how many times did you have to wait until your parents got paid in order for something to happen? I never heard anyone complain about that lifestyle so when I got older, and began to live my own paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. I thought it was just the way it is.

Were you taught to live beyond your means? Of course you may think not, but I ask you to view it in another way. Do you often try to keep up with the latest material possessions? I don’t believe there is anything wrong with having nice things. But what’s the purpose of having that expensive car, when you can’t afford the maintenance on it? Or how about buying out the mall, when your lights are out? How many of us actually have a savings accounts with money in it?

Listen, I’m not here to judge anyone, trust I struggle with money just like you. But I have also decided to do something about it. There came a point in my life, I realized I was a slave to money. I just didn’t want to live like that. It’s a work in progress, but I have committed myself to doing better. There are so many resources are available. Dave Ramsey, gives me financial hope. It is because of his teachings, that instead of actually being okay with debt, I despise it.

If you are completely happy with your money management skills, God bless you. But for the majority of us, money is an issue and what I know is that until we can do better with it, it always will be. Now go get financially progressive and get your life!


Janay is a blogger and speaker, who lives in the Atlanta area. Please feel free to visit her personal blog at


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