Can you be friends with the mother of your boyfriend’s child?

This article was first published on Examiner by Jasmine Jackson

friendsThis is a very touchy subject and it may seem impossible, but it’s an actual method that can work. It takes three mature adults to coexist after a breakup and a child.

You can have a dedicated father and friend with casual sex until he gets serious with someone else. You can have a new girlfriend who actually attempts to take in the drama or what he says as “lack thereof.” Last component is a mother who can control her emotions and disassociate sex. She has to be comfortable with the new relationship and consistent.

It’s a rare situation that you get this however. If so, you’re one lucky person. The reality is people in life you never know when a person so brilliant will step into your life. When it happens it may cause a shift in all three realities and it’ll come down to who has the maturity level appropriate for the situation. Could you handle starting a real friendship with someone who shares history, sexual attractions and acts, and a child? It’s hard.

If you wish to approach this situation, be cautious, smart, three steps ahead, and be open. Open about everything; about how you feel if something weird happens, about your experiences, and about growth and development.

It will be weird in the beginning and please believe the friends and family will question your choice. It doesn’t matter though how do you feel? It’s a game to figuring out if you are the person you think you are. Are you comfortable in your skin and where is your level of respect?

If you can’t, you can’t. But if you can, you’re pretty damn dope. Maturity level speaking. Try it if you meet your one, quit if you are not comfortable.

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