Centennial Olympic Park


carinda Marie

It was one of those weekends where there was very little play and a lot of down time. I hated down time though; I wanted to be out in Atlanta shopping in Little Five Points or eating at Atlantic Station, but I was home on my laptop.

My lover was in the comfort of his own home screaming nothings at his flat screen and rooting for the American soccer team in the gold cup. I was moping; not sad, but rather bored. I was starting in a new position and needed a relaxing Sunday. But one thing Carinda didn’t like was being completely bored.

It was approximately three and I went into my closet, pulled out a long red maxi dress, a gorgeous sun hat, my favorite shades, and my red clutch. I had no clue where I was going, but I was going. I found myself wandering around Centennial Olympic Park with froen yogurt and my trusty iphone. It wasn’t much, but it was peace. That’s when I spotted him sprinting shirtless, abs drawing me in, and sweating glistening over his body. I placed the spoon in my mouth and watched him run until he was getting ready to pass me. I continued to walk as if he didn’t do anything for what was between my thighs, but that’s when my lover rang.

We spoke as the sexy runner sped past me, but we locked eyes. He flashed me a grin, gave me butterflies, and I continued my conversation. I happened to look back as he looked back, but kept moving forward because I had someone.

I had someone, but this wouldn’t be my last Sunday at Centennial Park.

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