Go Beyond the Gym

couple rock climbingWomen always want the men in their lives to participate in “couple” things. These things include engagements hosted by family and friends, family get together’s, and exercising. Women expect the man she is with to cave in and go to the gym with her and that’s fine for most men, but what about the active athletic men?

Athletic men don’t always want to stand in one spot for an hour walking and running on a treadmill. These men want to explore hands-on sports such as rock climbing, tennis, basketball, soccer, and the occasional obstacle course. If a girlfriend can always persuade her boyfriend into doing whatever she wants then it’s only fair she reciprocates with his interests as well. Take the workouts pass the monotony of running and lifting weights instead go paint-balling with.


As a woman, I understand wanting to dominate in the ‘I want this,’ category, but I quickly realized that compromising is way for efficient in a healthy relationship. Go beyond the gym and beyond the selfishness and run in the sun with a soccer ball or on a court with a racket. All we’re saying at Pardon My Audacity is be a little more adventurous.

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