It doesn’t fit



Most of us love to shop, especially when it’s for something we are excited about. Especially big ticket items, like expensive electronics. Even if we don’t have a specific brand in mind, we have an idea of what we want.We learn about the options, their reputations, read reviews and before we take it home, we fumble with its bells and whistles. Before you purchased your car, didn’t you research it, read reviews and examined the body style, test drove it and even after all of that, sometimes we steal ponder the decision before we make it official. And we all know purchasing a home is no easy thing. We have an idea in our mind if we want a condo,townhouse, ranch or split level home. We have requirements regarding rooms, bathrooms, yard size and even the type of neighborhood. And even if we wanted to take the home buying process lightly, the extensive financing process is enough to make you rethink things.
So if we are so picky and standard heavy regarding things we purchase for ourselves, why don’t we take same approach regarding our lives and relationships. Electronics are things, and people are human, yes I get that. But i believe a lot of the times, we know what we want, but we settle for what we can get in that moment. That idea is extremely unfair, not only to you, but those you become involved with. It all seems well in the beginning, but if your hearts not in it, your ass shouldn’t be either.
I believe that if you truly want something, you need to be extremely clear about your desires. Can you imagine someone purchasing a VCR but hoping one day it will play DVDs.That’s like expecting for a toxic person to have healthy relationships. People are who they are, and there is usually nothing you can do about it. But we need to completely honest with ourselves, and I know that can be difficult. But this is your life…so get out of fantasy world.
We all have characteristics that make us who we are, and if you pay attention, you get a better understanding of who people are. If you figure out who your dealing with, you will know HOW. A ford focus will never be a ford excursion. And his jump off, won’t be his wife.
A spade is a spade, and like Iyanla says ‘ call a thing, a thing’. In short, It is what it is, so stop expecting it to be, what it’s not. This is your go get exactly what you want

Janay is a blogger and speaker, who lives in the Atlanta area. Please feel free to visit her personal blog at

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