Completing your fall fashion look


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Completing Your Fall Fashion Look

If fashion is you love then you understand! The extra sometimes 45 minutes we spend “completing” the look are very important in the completion of the total fashion package. This week is all about completing the look and what’s trending this fall to help you do so successfully.

Shoes are in abundance of style this fall; from Mary-Janes, to thigh-high boots, shoes are one of the ultimate accessories. This fall is reminiscent of a nod to old films and masculine qualities.


Just as every designer appreciates the final details, so does a fashionista; what else can complete a look as well as the perfect bag. This fall revives several bag trends such as the portfolio style professional bag, the simplistic bag that opens from the top and exotic animal fabrics.


Another hot trend that we are seeing resurface is bijoux. Theres something for everyone, from bracelets, to silver rings, sparkle and chain; bijoux has something for everyone.


So, as you pull together your favorite fall looks remember to have a little fun with your accessories!!

Next week I will give you more into fall fashion trends; which one of these looks do you like most and least and which one would you rock OFF THE RUNWAY ???

Until Next Week,

Le Fashionista Forward Chao!


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