Carinda Marie & Atlanta Men


We sat in our favorite restaurant sipping a delicious Margarita and talking. We talked about our long days and sex filled nights. We sipped and we nibbled then it hit me… Atlanta afforded me many things that brought a lot of happiness, but one thing Atlanta brought me was true love.

I begin to ponder why was it so easy to meet, date, and sex amazing men but settling down… Not so much? It was a sad fact that my relationships were short lived and failed after a long period time. It seemed that women were just coochies and men were just cocks.

I listened as my involved girlfriends’ criticized their men, but never attempted to leave them. It made no sense to step back into the “dating” scene when you had a friend who loved you, took care of you, and fucked you on a regular basis.

“For today ladies, can you just say something positive about your men?” I had stopped every woman in mid sentence but I meant it.
“What is wrong with you girl?”
“Nothing. It’s just you love them but we always talk shit about them. But you overlook women like me who only get part time lovers and orgasms galore.”
“Hell, I thought that was a good thing!” We laughed.
“It is but still.” We cracked up. We continued clowning each other and each of my girls admitted they loved their man and we departed.

But I still thought about my dilemma… What do you think?


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