5 Rules to Keep Him Interested


Are you tired of giving in these relationship “things” feeling like you don’t have the answers to completely to feel you have him interested? Don’t worry darlings, we have five sure fire ways to keep him interested.

  1. Establish an honest and open relationship in the beginning. You want to be able to vibe with the man you like as if he were your home girl. If the lines of communication are filled with honesty, hilarity, and great friendship, he’ll be interested.

  2. Switch it up. I’m not saying play a handful of stupid games, but I am telling you to keep him guessing. Don’t surrender so much of yourself and it’s only one part of you. Be versatile because even as a friend to your girls you are exciting and versatile; he wants that same you.

  3. Support him. If you have a man that’s in a place in his life where he’s trying to advance, believe and support him. It only takes this little act to keep him alone.

  4. Take an interest in what he likes. No, don’t be the fake girl with fake facts because that’s annoying number one and what if he wants you to extrapolate on the subject matter?

  5. Be fly. I’m sorry, but you want to keep a good man by your side? You need to keep your appearance up because just like you want a fine man on your arm he wants the same in return.

The key to keeping a man happy is a combination of things; he needs a little of his mother, sister, homeboy, and self inside of you without realizing it. All these people in his life are important women and figures that helped shape his capacity to love. If you feature a piece of them as far as intellect, spirituality, sexuality, and communication goes, you’ve found your husband. Just think about it; men want you to cook and clean (mother), deep conversations (sister/homeboy), chill with and feel comfortable around (homeboy), and compatibility (self). Use these steps and you will be sure to keep him home with you.

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