Fall and Hair Make Up Trends

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Fall Hair and Make Up Trends

Fashion lives in breathes in EVERYTHING aesthetic including hair and make up. The wrong hair and make up can diminish the style factor of any great outfit. Prepping your closet for the Fall overhaul is almost always the most tedious; Time to bring down the boots in those boxes high atop shelves in your closet, pull your coats, sweaters, and cardigans back to front and center, and most of all evaluate whether what you have for the season is a keep or a toss item so that you can make room for your incoming purchases. Let’s address the aesthetics this week–Starting with make up trends.

As mod, chic, and classic trends have intertwined this fashion season fall is no different. The cat eye is one of the number one make up looks in right now. I will hopefully be posting some tutorials in the near future. It brings a bold statement, and draws attention directly into the focal point of the face. Alongside that in opposite stature is the red/wine lip a classic that has been seen time and time again these past few fashion season. The red lip offers a different facial focal point, and the ability to be very neutral in your palette choices.




Next, we have colored shadows in shades of plums and rust. This simple palette complements almost every skin tone in that it comes in multiple shades and is a jewel tone, which sits great on the skin.



For hair this fall, it’s all about a tussled unkempt effect. First, we have two of my favorite styles. The three ways low pony is great. It is comprised of a lower ponytail at or just above the nape of the neck. The three styles consist of messy, sleek, and bouncy. The three styles are equip for all hair textures and medium to long lengths.







Next, we have the faux bang, many of us rocked a similar style in high school, then referred to as a swoop; oh how trends come and go. This allows hair on the face, but without so much distraction, while also framing the face.


The wet look and the voluminous look are trends that we see very reminiscent to the 20’s and the 40’s. They offer everything from subtle touches to complete drama impact.



So as you deconstruct and rebuild your fall wardrobe, remember these key tips in order to be classic, chic, and on trend.

Until Next Week,

Le Fashionista Forward Chao!


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