Get “SpoiledByB” with Bianca Haly

SpoiledByB_Logo_BLKnPNK Who run the world? Girls, of course, according to Bianca Haly! Model, personality, casting director and now creator of the latest and hottest lipstick line out in Atlanta “SpoiledByB”, Ms. Haly is doing her thing for all the girls out there. All around makeup lover, fashionista, VJ, and bawse chick Bianca Haly created “SpoiledByB” for women to uplift that young girl or that older woman that wants her sexy back. Pardon My Audacity caught up with this busy woman and sat down to discuss all the JUICE about everything SBB.

Jas: Tell the readers a little about your vision for Spoiled By B.

BH: The name Spoiled By B was actually created years before it was a lipstick/cosmetic line. I used the name for when I was selling hair and I used to joke with my customers saying they have been spoiled by B. It just stuck with me but my vision for Spoiled By B is to become a brand for women to feel beautiful and Spoiled. I want my product to be special for women; when a woman has on my lipstick she feels that she can do anything. That’s why I created bright colors because it takes a person who is comfortable with them self to rock some of my colors, not to take away from my natural and softer colors.


Jas: What inspired you to start your own line of lipstick?

BH: For the people who know me they know I love lipstick. One of friends calls me the Lipstick Junkie. Ever since I was in middle school I used to wear lipstick/ colored glosses. When I got a little older and started working in high school almost every paycheck would be blown at MAC. So in high school, I tried to mix waxes and pigments together to create different colors to save money but it just wasn’t working. I started doing my own research on lipstick as a whole and the history of it and what goes into it. I left it alone however and focused my energy on broadcasting and radio. After a few years, I ended up at BET’s production department, but I always found myself in hair and makeup with Unique. I realized that I wanted to start my own line. So I came back to Atlanta and for about 5 months. I was just focused and trying to get this lipstick formula down. I found a lab that would do all the work for me and then Spoiled By B cosmetics was created.

Jas: What will differentiate your line from other lines?

BH: My products are Gluten and Paraban free; that is something I wanted to make sure of from the beginning. A lot of people are allergic to things that aren’t gluten free so I wanted to make sure everyone could wear my products. SBB lipwear lasts for at least 5 hours w/o having to re-apply it and no more stained glasses, teeth (or collars) SBB is smudge free! Spoiled By B is more than just another cosmetic name, it’s a brand and a movement for women across the world. Spoiled By B will be a full cosmetic line in the next few months and look out for Spoiled By B in stores soon!


Jas: What does it mean to be SpoiledByB?

BH: Have you ever been Spoiled? SBB enhances more than just a woman’s looks. It will build your confidence and self-esteem. While wearing SBB’s Bold lipstick colors other’s will gravitate towards you. I want to spoil that young girl who thinks she’s not cute enough to wear a bright color or the older woman who thinks because of her age she can’t be sexy. When I feel spoiled it’s usually by things that make me feel good, so I want to pass on that feeling to others.

Jas: How can other bloggers get your product for review?

BH: Bloggers can get my products for review by emailing and letting me know they are a blogger and I will send them a 15% discount code to use on Unfortunately, I don’t give out free products. It’s a business.

Jas: Tell the readers where they can reach you?

BH: I could be reached on Instagram and Twitter @Spoiledbyb.

There you have it, there is nothing else to do but visit and order your lipstick NOW! But until next time my fashionistas and beauty queens, It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

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