Ridiculous Beef: Molly the Maid & The Stripper

RollingoutcomcreditRidiculous Beef: Mimi Faust & Joseline Hernandez

I’m not one to record and keep up unnecessary drama, but I promise you this beef here makes my ass itch! Mimi Faust comes across as so insecure and weak when it comes to the father of her child, Stevie J, while Joseline comes across as a home-wrecking stripper turned “star.” Would you really beef with her?

Let’s be real: Regardless of what happens would you parade around Atlanta calling people “Molly the Maid” with a Spanish accent thinking it’s acceptable and cute for publicity? Would you really go back and forth between seasons of one of VH1’s most ratchet “reality” television shows if you were “over” the past relationship?

We started out hating Joseline, but now we rolling our damn eyes at Mimi like you can’t even be mad because she always seems to pull you out your element and then walks off with the father of the child you so-called don’t like… we’re confused, hell, at least I am… What’s to beef about? If it’s over and done with, let it go Mama Mimi… you are self-made right? Act like it.

What do you think? Are we too harsh here at PMA? Let us know.

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Photo credit: Rollingout.com


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