Watch who you lie down with: Story of Lisa

picstitchWatch who you lie down with

Mama always warned her little girl a couple of rules to live by; she said, “stay aware of your surroundings, always look out for your sisters, and little girl make sure you watch who you lie down with.” How true was that last warning? Terribly. In this day and time, women are giving up their vaginas like a Valentine’s Day card. Giving it up hoping they receive some sort of love letter and chocolate drop that will give them purpose. These women ignore mama’s warning and end up with an STD or a baby.

Children are gifts from God, but the person who helps you create that gift can damn sure be awful. It’s also safe to say sex is amazing with the right person, but what people fail to realize is that everyone isn’t the right person. Watch who you lie down with because one night of pleasure can end with 18+ years struggling with a man you more than likely grew to detest.

It takes 5 minutes to locate a condom and put it on to prevent a lifetime disease. It’s as simple as that because nobody wants AIDS, herpes, or a hateful relationship from a fling of okay sex. I am not saying a college one night stand is a bad thing, but dealing with a person that was only cute for one night may be.

Lisa thought she had found her match and became pregnant shortly after. She rushed to tell the father and he responded, “Now we know the problem, we can solve the problem.” It certainly didn’t shock her, but what certainly did was the fact that the guy turned out to be completely the opposite of Romeo to her love story. He had lowered her standards and she lost touch of who she was and she didn’t even know how she allowed it to happen. She ended with an abortion and a new outlook. All her mother had tried to teach her she failed the most important warning.

Moral of Lisa’s story: watch who you lie down with or be a part of your own downfall. This is just a word of advice for those who think that there’s nobody out here that’s smarter than you or can get the best from you.

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