5 ways to NOT date the same person

Angry-woman 5 ways to NOT date the same person

Atlanta is home to some amazing people, but like all big cities there are a plethora of people who turn out to be the same person you’ve dated before. It’s large enough to meet someone new, but small enough for your friend to know that same person. There are a couple of ways to avoid dating the same person over and over. Isn’t that annoying anyways? To feel like you are dating the same individual repeatedly?

  1. Evaluate your dating habits and personalities. Most times just by reliving the people from our pasts we chose to pursue or who we allowed to pursue us, we can answer some important questions. Most times, by accident, we allow the same person in our lives multiple times with different faces. Evaluate what personality traits from past lovers and see if there is a trend. If so, the answer will be staring us in the face. Make a change.
  2. Stop rushing into relationships. If every Tom, Dick, Lucy, or Susie shows us their interested and we jump into relationship mode of course we’ll date the same person. Hell, we haven’t changed a thing about what we assume we like so why would our new lover be different than the last? Most times we help create the same dating issues.
  3. Take a year off of relationships. It’s imperative for everyone to take “you” time to be “you” without an attachment. I’m a firm believer that we cause who comes and goes in life and we allow what happens to us in relationships as well as life. Take time to get to know who you are before you have a boo.
  4. Change your preferences. How can we expect to find a different lover if we never alter ourselves? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Bottom line, we like to play the blame game in relationship, but usually it’s us. We must seek someone that doesn’t remind us of our normal type.
  5. Find a new hobby. As crazy as this may sound, find a new hobby or thing that excites you. Maybe if we change sceneries or hobbies, we could attract new people. New hobbies attract new and different people and that’s what we want.

At the end of the day, these are just ways to better our dating life. It’s hard to accept that we are sometimes the ones who inflict the drama and drag in our lives. Change it up and the universe may bring someone completely amazing and different. Just a thought.

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This article was previously published on Examiner.com by Jasmine Jackson.
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One thought on “5 ways to NOT date the same person

  1. Love your tips! The funny thing is most of them we already know, we just don’t actually follow through. #3 is so important…we need to take time to figure out who we re what we truly stand for. Great post!

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