The text message read, “Honey, my name tonight is Jessica,” and he responded “Jessica, I think you may be the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a while.” She grinned as she sat snug on her brown love seat in her spacious condo. She inhaled the mango scented candles that were lit as she sipped her Oolong tea. She responded, “thank you. *blushes* u r such a gentleman.” He tried to hide his smile, but ended up being his famous half smile. This woman he was texting was gorgeous and he responded, “it’s only because you got a nigga over here smiling. I think I want to see you tonight.

She tossed the idea around her head for a while before replying. He was chocolate, tall, and muscular. His bald head glistened whenever he stepped out of the shower and his teeth were pearly white. This man’s lips were full and brown with a full goatee. “Sure. You can come see me.” Jessica felt she ran the risk of having another night of amazing passion with her lover. He arched her back and pounded her without remorse promising to handle her needs even more the next time. “Make sure to have me a snack ready for me.” He smiled as he pressed the sent button. She had made him cum so hard last time he felt he had went deaf for all of 60 seconds. She had allowed herself to give him all the passion she possessed as her walls held him captive and released him with fury. “I have dessert alright.” Here it was—a lovely convo turned immediately sexual. The pair showered and prepared for the evening as they both listened to their favorite R&B tunes. “I’m almost there boo.” He texted her. “I can’t wait.” A

As soon as she clicked send her doorbell rang. Seeing his brown eyes he pulled her into his arms releasing his tongue to explore her mouth.

“I needed you.” She whispered as he slowly hiked her black satin gown over her wide hips and curvy ass.

“No, mama I needed you. I was going crazy.” He managed to get out between sucking face. The two tore off each other’s clothes and made love in the middle of her candle lit living room. She moaned in complete bliss and the two climaxed as one. Talya slept on his chest and he smiled as he looked at the picture of him and his wife. The two role played as much as possible. He loved they fact that she provided him multiple women to bang with different attitudes and personalities. The two were married for five years and they continued multiple sexual encounters as mistresses, boyfriends #2’s, and complete strangers; it worked for them. He held his wife in their living room and fell asleep satisfied with his ‘Jessica’ and his Talya.

*Lesson: Sometimes you have to be multiple people to please your mate- Jasmine Jackson

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