Sex Education has a new meaning!

Nice book review from The Reporter and The Girl: Minus Superman


Last week I was asked to read and do a review of Kitty and The Sex School by Peach Madison.

This is a tale of eroticism and fantasy about a beautiful young girl from a small town, who leaves home for the big city where dreams come true.

Well dreams can come true and dreams can be broken. She gets a taste of the real world; having to live an apartment with a roommate, getting a job to make ends meet– and with her “taste for the finer things in life” ends are barely meeting.

But this story of a naive, wet behind the ears, twenty-four year old may have a happy ending after all. She comes across an ad looking for talents for a semester at an elite and exclusive school called The Fantasia. Talents will be assisting the teachers in demonstrating the act of lovemaking as…

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