Ridiculous Beef: Tamar vs. Joseline

Tamar vs Joseline

Ridiculous Beef: Tamar vs. Joseline

Pardon My Audacity presents yet another ridiculous beef in our opinion. This beef may be old, however, we must speak up! Now don’t get me wrong we by no means think that Tamar was the biggest star before and yes before her beautiful album Love and War, but honestly though… Joseline Hernandez? Stripper turned reality star via being the other woman. Not cute.

joseline The two engaged in the dumbest  Twitter beef because Tamar called her a man on Tameka “Tiny” Harris VH1’s show, “Tiny Tonight.” and Joseline responded, “old crusty Beyonce.” Tamar offered an apology (I wouldn’t have just saying).

tbJoseline questioned her talent. Joseline said, “She wants to be a bad b*tch like myself but she can’t be. She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years. It’s been f***ing 20 years since her sister was a star.” UHHH, sorry to break the news Joseline, but Tamar album was number one when it was released. It doesn’t matter how long it took… we’re still trying to figure out where you perform…

In the end, we think that Joseline was over bullifying (yes, we made that up) Tay-Tay in this instance. Ugh, when someone apologizes you take the high road. This beef was ridiculous seeing that most of Twitter called Joseline a man look alike. We are glad to say she’s all woman and needs to raise up off of our baby Braxton…like now!

What do you think? Who was right? Who was wrong? Voice your opinion here!

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Photo credit: urbanbellemag.com, madamnoire.com

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