Sexy Saturday’s presents “Turn up in the bedroom”

sexy saturday

Let me say this: Dating a man for a long period of time is work. One thing I’ve learned in the dating process is sometimes you need to be another woman. Confused? Honey, it’s simple—to keep your man focused on the beauty, brains, and the body he has at home.

Tip 1: Change up your style sometimes! You don’t HAVE to, but dammit why not? It’s fun. Get a new hair color, start working out and toning up, or buy some new dresses that make your man double take. This will not only benefit him because you will begin to feel brand new.  Playing dress up has always been a pastime for prissy girls and I say embrace it as an adult; switch it up and get your groove back.

Tip 2: Purchase madddd lingerie. I overheard a woman say “why buy lingerie when we’re only going to have it on for five minutes before he takes it off?” Uhh, maybe because you need to start creating a fantasy before he seeks an outside fantasy. It’s not about how fast it’ll come off; it’s about the sex appeal, the confidence, and the dominance you can possess with lace, pumps, and fishnets. I hate a woman who is so busy worrying about little logistics that she cannot even see what’s in front of her and how she can make a major power movement.

Tip 3: Role play. I’m not talking about only cliché roles like doctors, nurses, and naughty school girls. I’m talking about becoming Ashley from up the block, snow bunny Heather, or the girl who has to have the ‘D’. Let’s be clear, yes he loves you, but he is MAN and another freaky woman willing to bust it open with no strings attached with your face and different personality is killer. Invest in a personality ladies because if you plan to be with someone for a long period of time it can get boring.

Just three things will help with a long lasting relationship. It will turn up the heat and turn up the bedroom activity. I think that the best way to keep a person happy as well as self is ask questions about improving, what the person likes, and take in consideration your own fantasies. Tap into those acting careers people and sex it up!

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