I don’t owe you s***!

angry It’s Turn Up Tuesdays on the blog and here it is people: I’m sick and tired of people acting like you owe them something.

News flash people– nobody owes you a damn thing. The world is full of faux friends and people wearing masks expecting you to do something special for them– no! Get it together. Who the hell told you that someone was going to hand you over something?

Friends: please be advised that if you are a great friend, but have a friend who uses you for your possession, money, or kindness understand you owe them nothing. Drop them like you would a boyfriend or girlfriend; it’s that damn simple. Don’t stretch yourself for a person that won’t, never, or barely is supportive of whatever you need.

Parents: Understand that you were chosen to be a complete thought by at least one of your parents. Understand they make a million sacrifices for you, but also remember to never allow your parents to make you feel like you owe them because THEY had YOU! No, you continue to respect them, but as an adult you don’t have to deal with crazy parentals.

Self: Check yourself before you wreck your damn self! Nobody owes you a damn thing either. Nobody is attracted to a selfish person; people love a person who can appreciate everything and handles their own business not always looking for a handout. Be aware that just how you expect people to treat you, people expect the same so keep your head out of your a** and be an outstanding people.

Are you feeling me? Was this too harsh? Uhhh, sorry but we only speak the truth here. #PardonMyAudacity

photo credit: harlemwhore.wordpress.com

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