New York play: Hair’itage The Play

MEvers Flyer 7.19Are you in the New York area and are in need for something amazing to watch? New York playwright and director, Niccole Nero Gaines, will share her latest work, Hair’itage The Play on stage this Thursday, October 17th. The play will be at the Edison O Jackson Auditorium, on the campus of Medgar Evers College.

This play is a story about six sisters who share the journey of hair and how their hair impacts their lives in many ways. Hair’itage is a play on words with Heritage to create a more in-depth discussion about a black woman’s hair. It’s a journey that women from everywhere, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds will love.

With everyone placing so much emphasis on their new natural this play will probably be idealistic for viewing. Black women have become trendsetters when it comes to hair styles and texture. The play addresses the everyday issues that we, black women, explore and insecurities rooted from birth as well as inform us how to deal with them.

An excerpt from the official press release:

The writer of the play, Niccole Nero Gaines looks to take her show beyond Broadway. Local campuses around the southeast can present this amazing story that is sure to enlighten, empower and allow attendees to embrace their hair journey. After all, even a woman with the worst hair day can find refuge in a stylist’s chair at the local hair salon.

Be on lookout for this writer, this play, and her future endeavors.

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