Where are all the pretty popular girls?

20131021-022308.jpg Where are all the pretty popular girls?

Ever wonder where all the pretty popular girls disappeared to after high school? See no matter what people say there were cliques in high school. There were the populars, well-known cool with everybody kids, the lames, the nerds, and the band. We all hate to admit that these classifications were true. Well, I was classified as the chubby girl that was well-known and was cool with the all the cliques. At 15, I was short and weighed 200 pounds; talk about not being on any high school boys relationship plan.

But I was friends with a lot of pretty popular girls and their friends. Most days I felt cool as hell to be known and seen with them until I started feeling like I was invisible. Invisible in the sense that I never spoke up completely in the group and I knew i’d never really go out with them. On other days, when my everyday friends cracked me up high school was hilarious.

So what happen was I was really close with a lot of popular people. These people had popular friends and popular personal information. I knew everybody’s business without even trying. I listened, gave advice, and laughed. But no matter what these secrets I knew meant nothing because I kept them to myself. Therefore, these popular people peaked in high school. But did you ever stop to wonder when the regular kids would peak?

So again I ask what happened to all the pretty popular girls? Our cheerlead captain, dance team leaders, our gorgeous regular but popular chicks, and future NFL cheerleaders. Are they still that fucking awesome? Not really.

Most attend college and stay popular then disappear into a cubicle and just have freaking amazing social lives. Some got married young and now has a baby finishing her degree. The really gorgeous ones become pretty popular strippers. Others are hardworking mothers. Some are now waitressing.


We wanted to be popular and media promotes that shit too. But was being pretty and popular going to ensure we attended a prestigious college that offered an education and life lessons with a high dose of amazing partying? Would it make us goal-getters as well as go-getters? I mean pretty popular girls hustle just as us late bloomer regular girls.

We are both trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cent and trying look damn good doing it. We’re all shallow at some point, but damn where are all the pretty popular girls now?

I’m not sure but losing half a person, managing a blog, finishing a novel,and just getting into grad school… Man, pretty and popular has nothing on beauty and brains. The regular girls are on the come up… Who are you?


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