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20131020-233819.jpgHere’s the latest news in the Music and Entertainment world!

Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault


Chris Brown has been arrested for felony assault after allegedly attacking a man outside of the W hotel in Washington October 27th according to TMZ.

Two women allegedly asked for a picutre with the singer at 4:30 am when two men attempted to get into the photo. Our fave singer Chris Brown spit some gay slurs before throwing a punch at one of the men. Brown is on probation for his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna and this would violate his probation sending him to prison for 4 years.  What do you think? Tired of the “new” Chris Brown?

20131027-211715.jpg VH1 Cancelled the ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion Special 

According to, VH1 cancelled the ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion special because Evelyn Lozada opted out of the reunion.

TMZ reports she doesn’t want to talk about her split with Chad Johnson, but can you blame her? After all the ridiculous drama, fans and reality show groupies will not get the closure they seek from this DRAMATIC show that they desperately seek.

Is Evelyn wrong for putting a stop to her never ending drama and trying to start new? Let us know!

20131027-212306.jpg Mona Scott-Young announces ‘Love & Hip Hop’ casting in L.A., Houston and New Orleans

We have all watched one episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Atlanta and New York hoping that the show expanded.

Mona Scott-Young reveals to, “I’m looking at L.A., Houston, and New Orleans. We’re going to find another city to spread our wings into.”

Are you excited for more drama? Do you love the current locations with the current reality stars?

It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

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4 thoughts on “PMA Music News

    • Yesss! You see how Love and Hip Hop is for Atlanta with that foolishness! And if I as Evelyn I would walk away from the show I don’t think she should come back! And chris… I’m over his shenanigans lol! BLM girls loveeee!

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